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Auditri is the best audio converter for mac, converts between all popular audio formats preserving metadata and album artwork. Lossless files including wma lossless are supported so you can keep your audio files in their highest quality. Import your wma and flac files to iTunes by converting them to mp3 and Apple Lossless, convert your m4a files to mp3 so you can play them in all of your devices.


  • Keeps file tags and metadata.
  • Album art support for mp3, aac, Apple Lossless and flac.
  • The only Application on the App Store capable of converting WMA Lossless files (additional software is required, please read below).
  • Fast multicore encoding.High quality audio output, using the best encoders in the industry (Lame, Core Audio).You can auto import your converted files to iTunes.
  • Growl Notifications.Option to always save files to a custom directory.
  • Easy to use drag and drop interaction.
  • Drag files directly to the dock icon.

Supported Input/Output Codecs:

  • FLAC
  • Apple Lossless
  • M4A (aac)
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • OGG
  • Vorbis
  • WAVE
  • AIFF

Auditri is the only app capable of converting WMA Lossless files, this is achieved through Flip4mac WMV Player Pro (Microsoft authorized decoder for mac), if you want to convert WMA Lossless files in Auditri you need to have installed this software available at

Please note that no additional software is required to convert regular WMA files, just lossless. Auditri doesn’t support any kind of DRM protected files.

What’s New in Version 3.0:

  • WMA Lossless support (using flip4mac).

  • Improved performance.

  • Fixed problems opening files in Lion.

  • Fixed problems previewing artwork in Lion.

  • Fixed problems converting some Flac files.